Die-cast aluminium moulds

Jun 4, 2021 | 0 comments

Die-cast aluminium moulds are made of high quality alloy steels. The main characteristics of the steel alloys used in the manufacture of this type of moulds are both the good thermal conductivity and the correct dissipation of the temperature to which they are subjected in the process of manufacturing moulds for molten aluminium.

At Unimold we use the latest technologies in software and machining tools, which provide us with a high precision and quality of finishes as a result.

Moulds for gravity cast aluminium are a highly demanded option for the manufacture of parts which require high geometric precision and quality, ideal for short, medium and high series casting, being possible manual demoulding for small or automated series, adapted to automated machines called “shell-cast machines” wether a high number of parts are required to be manufactured or the dimensions of the mould require it.

The variety of alloys to be cast through the process of cast aluminium mould es very diverse, being possible to cast different alloys from the most common such as L-2520 to the most complex such as L-2653.

The main advantage of gravity cast aluminium moulds, which essentially discards it from other molding manufacturing processes, is the possibility of manufacturing some pieces and parts with internal cavities without demoulding, since the gravity cast aluminium mold process allows fixing cores made of sand, which are destroyed inside the already cast pieces, giving rise to interior hollows with walls with negative angles.

En resumen. Los moldes para aluminio fundido por gravedad son la mejor opción a la que podemos recurrir si necesitamos fabricar piezas de alta calidad a un reducido coste de inversión. Summing up, gravity cast aluminium moulds are the best option we can turn to if we need to manufacture high quality parts at a low investment cost.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about this production process or to be guided in which option is best suited to your manufacturing needs, do not hesitate to contact us through the following link: www.unimold.es