Injection moulds for aluminum

Manufacturer of injection moulds for aluminum

Injection moulds for aluminum are manufactured with high-grade steels, and they must be heat-treated to achieve streght, durability and its geometric precision longevity. Usually this type of moulds are cooled by internal circuit in order to keep a constant average temperature and to guarantee the optimal finishing in the injected parts. This kind of moulds are well-adapted to injector machines, fully automated, which ensure consistent output per hour.

Casting by technique injection also known as high-pressure injection process, have gained traction in recent decades, due to the fact that each passing day more and more companies strongly invest in new production techniques which ensure a high quality production at lower total costs.

High quality in injection moulds for aluminum

At Unimold we can ensure a continuous check-up for quality and functionality of existing components on each of our manufactured moulds due to our integral manufacturing service, i.e. the whole manufacturing processes are carried out in our premises, from the initial enginnering design to the assembly and adjustment, covering all the machining stages and all of this combined with our knowledge and expertise in injection processes for aluminium, brass and zamak.

We ensure to all our customers both the utmost quality and a quick delivery.

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