Mechanization of prototypes



Machining process with a rotary tool perfect for manufacturing pieces with three axes. At Unimold we specilise in machining processes for complexes geometries since together we constitute a highly skilled team in machining 3-dimensional geometries, along as combined with our CNC-supported processing centres and conventional milling machines particularly well-suited for auxiliary works.


Process used in those machining methods involving revolution pieces, either with a conventional lathe suitable for machining components and single pieces or a CNC lathe well-adapted both for a serial-production and for those geometries with patterns with a higher complexity…

Sink erosion

Essential in any moulding workshop for the etching operations with tight areas and complex shapes carried out with cutting tools and finishing process of pieces with no corners radii.


Grinding aims to correct the geometric and dimensional imperfections the pieces had suffered after the heating treatment applied once they are mechanized; this is a “machining process by abrasion”; with this process we ensure the adjustment and dimensional accuracy of fit.

Calibration and polished

This is the last step in a whole mould manufacturing process, an essentially handmade process which reflects and shows our real and vast know-how in the moulding manufacturers sector.

Mechanization of prototypes

Machining prototypes and pre-series in materials of choice: steel, technical plastics, aluminium and brass.

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