Moulds designing

Moulds designing

Aware as we are of the behaviour of non-ferrous metals in casting processes and using in addition our deep knowledge over advanced CAD/CAM tools, our technical office closely colaborates and advises our customers to obtain the best possible results designing moulds.

By means of a simple sketch or sample piece we develop the comprehensive project, generating the files and accurate information in order to check the final component design, either with 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional layouts.

Using modern softwares we sketch and model a final design before implementing the project, to estimate averages and acceptable machining times, thus establishing with higher accuracy the delivery times and the final project cost.

Our working protocol

  1. Initial contact by the smelter or injection technician
  2. 3-dimensional project design
  3. Prototype machining (if required)
  4. Moulding machining and adjusting
  5. Pre-series casting
  6. Post-manufacturing sevice

Manufacturer of casting moulds


Casting moulds for aluminium.


Casting moulds for brass.


Casting moulds for zamak.

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