Moulds repairing

Moulds repairing

We apply our deep knowledge and expertise manufacturing moulds, on the integral maintenance, reparation and transformation processes on our own moulds as well as those manufactured by other suppliers, adapting to meet the specific requirements defined by each smelter and implementing the proper improvements, in order to both achieve an enhanced durability and improve the ultimate quality of each casting part.

Adjustment and improvement of outdated moulds

From a simple repair or improvement, to a complex geometric alteration involving a substantial variation on the original design.

It doesn’t matter whether you don’t keep any specific information or technical documentation from your current supplier, UNIMOLD offers its entire professional expertise to allow your project to become feasible and moreover we will asses you at any time to help you to obtain the best quality/price ratio.

Manufacturer of casting moulds


Casting moulds for aluminium.


Casting moulds for brass.


Casting moulds for zamak.

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