Foundry moulds

Casting moulds by gravity

Gravity die-casting moulds (permanent moulds) are made out of alloyed steels; they could be built by manual moulding or by moulding machines, whether it is required by the size or number of production units. The spill of material in its liquid form, is usually carried out manually while the filling in the cavity mould and subsequent solidification is completed by a gravity process, hence the name of the whole process, casting by gravity.

This process allow us to develope and manufacture casting moulds for materials such as brass, zamak or aluminium with low investment costs, wheread some distinct advantages regarding other production techniques, such as the possibility of manufacturing casting parts and pieces including internal cavities while avoiding demoulding and the option of melting a wide range of alloys.

The high-quality of steels widely used nowadays, along with the high-precision machining with modern CNC tools and the automation of productive processes, allows this class of moulds to become increasingly used in those industry sectors that demand a superior dimensional and aesthetic quality in its foundry parts.

Experts in manufacturing permanent moulds

Our expertise in countless manufactured moulds in each different types of alloy materials over several decades for an extensive range of markets including specialised applications for furnishing and decoration, railway and automotive sectors and, by extension, industry in all fields, has enabled us to gain a broad experience manufacturing this sort of moulds consolidating our brand as a benchmark in its field !

Manufacturer of casting moulds


Casting moulds for aluminium.


Casting moulds for brass.


Casting moulds for zamak.

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